Witness the fitness is inspired by research in the area of social physics. The theory is that we are more likely to change our habits by being around people with the habits we want to adopt. This ties into social influence and some social pressure. You can read more about why I started it here. The name is inspired by Roots Manuva.

I started Witness the Fitness because I really wanted to get fitter and was struggling to do it on my own. Having people to talk to and cheer me on has really helped me.
I went from doing zero excercise, through to running 5k plus regularly, something I never thought I could do. I feel much better for it – Emily W

Witness the fitness is a small UK based Slack group of supportive people that are making positive changes to get fitter, together. Members have their own goals, they might want to walk more, eat healthier, cut down on alcohol, keep on running, cycling or do more exercise in general, there are no set rules around how they get fitter. Everyone has their own reasons for joining and all efforts, however seemingly small are celebrated.

Each person agrees to be a cheerleader for others in the group and takes responsibility for each others’ success. They regularly see how others are doing and share in their victories. And in return, they other people cheer them on.

I feel inspired to move more seeing others doing it – Niamh S

Membership means active participation, members commit to logging into Slack regularly in order to:

  • be a cheerleader to other members in the group, celebrate their success, ask them how they are doing and how they are feeling
  • share what they are doing to improve their fitness with other people the Slack group. The regular talk about fitness related topics and successes will help everyone in the group

Because this is a smallĀ and trusted group, we can only add new members at set times, we are experimenting with how often that is.

The group is full at the moment, if you want to take part, then please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch when there is an open slot